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 Technical Reports 1996 

1996/1 (Abstract)
Approximation of Smooth Functions by sk-Splines
A.K. Kushpel, J. Levesley and W. Light

1996/2 (Abstract) (ps.gz)
On Representing Finite Lattices as Intervals in Subgroup Lattices of Finite Groups
R. Baddeley and A. Lucchini

1996/3 (Abstract) (dvi.gz)
On Fixpoint Objects and Gluing Constructions
R.L. Crole

1996/4 (Abstract)
Verification of Fault-Tolerance and Real-Time
Z. Liu

1996/5 (Abstract)
Relating Operational and Denotational Semantics for Input/Output Effects
R.L. Crole, A.D. Gordon

1996/6 (Abstract)
Regular Subgraphs in Graphs and Rooted Graphs, and Definability in Monadic Second-order Logic
I.A. Stewart

1996/7 (Abstract)
Higher vn Torsion in Lie Groups
J. Hunton, M. Mimura, T. Nishimoto and B. Schuster

1996/8 (Abstract)
Presentations for Subsemigroups - Applications to Ideals of Semigroups
C.M. Campbell, E.F. Robertson, N. Ruskuc, R.M. Thomas.

1996/9 (Abstract)
On embedding cycles in k-ary n-cubes
Y.A. Ashir, I.A. Stewart

1996/10 (Abstract)
Logics with zero-one laws that are not fragments of bounded-variable infinitary logic
I.A. Stewart

Optimal Approximation of Sets of Smooth Functions on Sd
Alexander Kushpel

Modified Quasi-Interpolation on the Square using Thin-Plate Splines: Part II
Jeremy Levesley

1996/13 (Abstract)
On classifying all full factorisations and multiple-factorisations of the finite almost simple groups
R. Baddeley, C.E. Praeger

1996/14 (Abstract)
On primitive overgroups of quasiprimitive permutation groups
R. Baddeley, C.E. Praeger

1996/15 (Abstract)
Preconditions for the Adaptive h-p Version Finite Element Method
Ainsworth B. Senior D. Andrews

1996/16 (Abstract)
On Fixpoint Objects for Commutative Faithful Monads
R.L. Crole

1996/17 (Abstract)
How Linear is Howe?
R.L. Crole

1996/18 (Abstract)
On the power of built-in relations in certain classes of program schemes
S.R. Chauhan, I.A. Stewart

A Comparison on the Commutative Products of the Distributions and Semigroups
A. Kilicman, B. Fisher

The density of translates of zonal kernels on compact homogeneous spaces
L. Ragozin, J. Levesley

Variational Theory for Interpolation on Spheres
Levesley, W A Light, D Rogozin, X. Sun

A Note on the Commutative Neutrix Product of Distributions and -functions
Adem Kilicman

1996/23 (Abstract)
A Posteriori Error Estimation for Fully Discrete Hierarchic Models of Elliptic Boundary Value Problems on Thin Domains
Mark Ainsworth

1996/24 (Abstract)
On Hochschild Cohomology of Preprojective Algebras, I
Karin Erdmann, Nicole Snashall

1996/25 (Abstract)
On Hochschild Cohomology of Preprojective Algebras, II
Karin Erdmann, Nicole Snashall

1996/26 (Abstract)
Positive Versions of Polynomial Time
C. Lautemann, T. Schwentick, I.A. Stewart

Approximation of Smooth Functions by sk-splines
A K Kushpel, J Levesley, W A Light

1996/28 (Abstract)
Communication algorithms in $k$-ary $n$-cube interconnection networks
Y.A. Ashir, I.A. Stewart

1996/29 (Abstract)
An Adaptive Refinement Strategy of hp-finite Elemens Computations
M Ainsworth, B Senior

1996/30 (Abstract)
Fault-tolerant embeddings of Hamiltonian circuits in $k$-ary $n$-cubes
Y.A. Ashir, I.A. Stewart

Sk-Spline Interpolation on the Torus using Number Theoretic Knots
S M Gomes, A K Kushpel, J Levesley, D L Ragozin

Spaces of Distributions and Interpolation by Translates of a Basis Function
W A Light, H S J Wayne

A Hierarchy of Authentication Specifications
G Lowe

Using CSP to Detect Errors in the TMN Protocol
G Lowe, B Roscoe

Interpolation by Translates of a Basis Function
Will Light

On the norm of the Fourier projection in weighted Lp spaces
J Levesley, A K Kushpel

1996/37 (Abstract)
Generalized Hex and logical characterizations of polynomial space.
A A Arratia-Quesada, I A Stewart

1996/38 (Abstract)
Formalizing Real-Time Scheduling as Program Refinement
Z Liu, M Joseph

1996/39 (Abstract)
Coalgebraic Algebra
J Hunton, P Turner

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