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 Technical Reports 1997 

Norm Estimates of Interpolation Matrices and their Inverses Associated with Strictly Positive Definite Functions
J Levesley, Z Luo, X Sun

1997/2 (Abstract)
Aspects of an Adaptive hp-Finite Element Method: Adaptive Strategy, Conforming Appoximation and Efficient Solvers
M Ainsworth, B Senior

Norm estimates for inverses of matrices arising from interpolation by strictly conditional positive definite kernals on spheres
Z Luo, J Levesley

epsilon-Entropy of Sobolev's Classes on S^d
A K Kushpel, J Levesley, K Tas

A Family of Attacks upon Authentication Protocols
G Lowe

Error Estimates and Convergence Rate of Variational Hermite Interpolation
Z Luo, J Levesley

On the Commutative Neutrix Products of Ultradistributions
Adem Kilicman

Some Commutative Neutrix Products on B^(r) (x, n) and x^s+/-
Adem Kilicman

Interpolation on the Torus using sk-splines with Number Theoretic Knots
S M Gomes, A K Kushpel, J Levesley, D L Ragozin

Error Estimates for Hermite Interpolation on Spheres: A Variational Approach
Z Luo, J Levesley

1997/11 (Abstract)
Reliable and Robust a Posteriori Error Estimation for Singularly Perturbed Reaction Diffusion Problems
M Ainsworth, I Babuska

1997/12 (Abstract)
Duration Properties of Timed Transition Systems
Z Liu, A P Ravn, X Li

On Representing Finite Lattices as Intervals in Subgroup Lattices of Finite Groups
Robert Baddeley, Andrea Lucchini

1997/14 (Abstract)
Hamiltonian cycles and all-to-all broadcasts in faulty hypercubes and k-ary n-cubes
Iain A. Stewart

1997/15 (Abstract)
A Perspective on Lindstrom Quantifiers and Oracles
Iain A. Stewart

Harmonic Analysis and Approximation Theory on Sd*
Alexander Kushpel

1997/17 (Abstract)
Embeddings of cycles, meshes and tori in faulty k-ary n-cubes
Yaagoub A Ashir, Iain A Stewart

On the norm of the Jocobi-Fourier projection
J Levesley, A K Kushpel

Maximal Sections and Primitive Permutation Groups of Twisted Wreath Type
Robert W Baddeley

Seven Lectures on Wavelets
Will A Light

1997/21 (Abstract)
The Cohomology and K-theory of Commuting Homeomorphisms of the Cantor Set
Alan Forrest, John Hunton

On a conjucture of Bennewitz, and the behaviour of the Titchmarsh-Weyl matrix near a pole
B M Brown, M Marletta

Oscillation Theory and Numerical Solution of Sixth Order Sturm-Liouville Problems
Leon Greenberg, Marco Marletta

A new approach to the Finite Lattice Representation problem
Robert Baddeley

1997/25 (Abstract)
The Homology of Spaces Representing Exact Pairs of Homology Functors
John R Hunton, P R Turner

1997/26 (Abstract)
Extensions of Umbral Calculas II: Double Delta Operators, Leibniz Extensions and Hattori-Stong Theorems
Francis Clarke, John Hunton, Nigel Ray

Wreath Decompositions of Finite Groups
R W Baddeley, L G Kovcs

1997/28 (Abstract)
Groups, Semigroups and Finite Presentations
C M Campbell, E F Robertson, N Ruskuc, R M Thomas

1997/29 (Abstract)
Automatic Semigroups
C M Campbell, E F Robertson, N Ruskuc, R M Thomas

1997/30 (Abstract)
Compositional Inductive Verification of Duration Properties of Real-Time Systems
Zhiming Liu, Anders P Ravn, Xiaoshan Li

Rolling Curves
Will A Light

Variational Lq-approximation by varisolvent family under the Young's condition
Zuhua Luo

Eigenvalues Estimation for Inverses of Multivariate Interpolation Matrix Associated with ||x||a(1 =BE a < 2)
Zuhua Luo

1997/34 (Abstract)
A Reliable A Posterior Error Estimator for Adaptive Hierarchic Modelling
Mark Ainsworth, Mark Arnold

1997/35 (Abstract)
Syntactic and Rees indices of subsemigroups
N Ruskuc, R M Thomas

1997/36 (Abstract)
The Complex oriented Cohomology of Extended Powers
John Hunton

1997/37 (Abstract)
The Conditioning of Boundary Element Equations on Locally Refined Meshes and Preconditioning by Diagonal Scaling
Mark Ainsworth, William McLean, Thanh Tran

n-Widths of Multiplier Operators on Two-Point Homogeneous Spaces
B Bordin, A. K. Kushpel, J Levesley, S. A. Tozoni

1997/39 (Abstract)
Reflexivity of Modules over QF-3 Algebras
Nicole Snashall

1997/40 (Abstract)
Domain Decomposition Preconditioners for p and hp Finite Element Approximation of Stokes Equations
Mark Ainsworth, Spencer Sherwin

1997/41 (Abstract)
Solving Hamiltonian systems arising from ODE eigenproblems
Carsten R Maple, Marco Marletta

1997/42 (Abstract)
Implementing Operational Semantics (Preliminary Report)
Roy Crole

1997/43 (Abstract)
The KOREL Programming Language (Preliminary Report)
Roy Crole

1997/44 (Abstract)
Asymptotic behaviour of the spectral decomposition of Riccati-like variables for linear Hamiltonian systems
Carsten R Maple, Marco Marletta

Counting and Locality over Finite Structures A Survey
Juha Nurmonen

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